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BAJA WEST, established in 1996, began as an Automobile Importer & Exporter. Purchasing and importing automobiles from Mexico (made for use in Mexico) such as the VW Beetle, Chevy Suburban and Dodge Ram. The vehicles were imported on a bond, then Customized, prepared and Exported to Canada and Japan.

BAJA WEST has since diversified and provides additional Unique commodities and services to the international and USA market. In addition to our Original Customized & Resto/Mod automotive department, we now offer Customized Motor Trikes, Motorcycles, Auto Parts and Accessories.

BAJA WEST also provides Custom Fabricated Chassis Frames for Tiny House Trailers and Mobile Homes.

BAJA WEST is an Authorized Wholesale Dealer, Registered California Licensed Dealer, California Licensed Business, Bonded and Insured with over 20 years experience in the Automobile and RV industries. 

Custom Motor Trike with '57 Chevy Rear End and Corvette V8 Engine!!

BAJA WEST is proud to offer new and used Custom Motor Trikes available with Corvette V8 Engines!!

Tiny House & Mobile Home Trailer Frame Fabrication

BAJA WEST is a supplier serving the Recreational Vehicle (RV) Industry including; Tiny House Trailers, Mobile Homes and Park Trailers.

BAJA WEST Specializes in CUSTOM FABRICATION of Chassis Frames and Trailer Frames for your Tiny House or Mobile Home.

Please click on the TINY HOUSE TRAILER FRAMES button at the top of the page for more information.

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